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SNL’s “When Will The Bass Drop” Goes Viral On Youtube

Andy Samberg of The Lonely Island became DJ Davvinci on last week’s SNL – the lovechild of David Guetta and Aviici for a hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live’s season finale. Mocking our generations’ infatuation with electronic music and DJ worship, Samberg’s When Will The Bass Drop parody depicts a throng of over eager fans raging at an EDM concert, anxiously waiting for the moment we are all admittedly guilty of wondering: When will the bass drop? DJ Davvinci builds up the crowd with before pressing the “BASS” button, which looks a lot like the button that recites Staples’ “That was Easy” slogan. Without any actual mixing talent, Davvinci’s DJ flare still obliterates the crowds minds’ with the press of a big red button and an appearance from Lil’ Jon. If you aren’t one of the 3 million who’ve already watched When Will The Bass Drop on YouTube, check out the video below!