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Snapcash: Snapchat and Square Cash Merge to Make Festival Planning Easier

Snowglobe, Resolution, and Lights All Night are just a few of the winter events coming up. Choosing which festival(s) to go to is hard enough, but once a decision is made, the planning begins. Depending on how near or far you or your group of friends decide to travel, there is always a list of necessities: food, sleeping accommodations, flights, tickets, water, RVs, and the list continues. Typically, at least when the members of Dance Music Northwest plan together, there are designated people buying bulk items. This way, the entire group is taken care of and each individual person doesn’t have to worry about much more than their personal belongings and the bulk item they’re assigned to.

When planning for Paradiso, our most frequently used method to send money back and forth was Square Cash. We’ve recently learned one that of the most efficient ways to send money and Snapchat have partnered together to form Snapcash*. The video below outlines how easy it is to send money using just your Snapchat app. It’s as simple as typing in: $1 and pressing the green Snapchat button to send money. Look at the introduction video to Snapcash and let us know if this new feature will be beneficial to you when planning for upcoming festivals!

*The only concern we might have with this extra convenient way to send money: Security. If pictures sent via Snapchat have previously been compromised, what are the chances bank account information will also be compromised with Snapcash?