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Snails leaves Tacoma Dome slimy and grimy (DMNW Review)

Photo Credit: Vanessa Crestejo

Snails made his first stop on his new tour, World of Slime, at Tacoma Dome last weekend and it was definitely a unique event full of a vibey, overwhelmingly positive crowd and heavy-hitting bass that left your hears ringing (you decide if that is in a good way, but earplugs are definitely a must for us in the future).

Crankdat, Kompany, and Al Ross kicked off the night, all bringing their different bass genres to the table which really led to a great variety in the types of music ringing out over the Dome’s roomy environment that always makes one-stage shows so much more enjoyable overall with plenty of space to dance and get your night started off on the right foot.

Liquid Stranger hit the stage prior to the main event and honestly, we dare to say that his set arguably outshined the main act. Traveling in the uncharted terrains of sound, Liquid Stranger’s creative output consistently (we aren’t joking when we say EVERY set we have experienced from him) introduces such an insane range of musical genres from suggestive ambient soundscapes to pop, dub, movie scores, future bass, and electronica. Always pushing the sonic expression and crossing genre barriers, Liquid Stranger consistently creates a soulful and emotionally enveloping set and last weekend was no exception.

As far as Snails set, once he took the stage, his transitions were incredibly well orchestrated and the drops heavy, however the set overall was somewhat one-noted. Sustaining an over hour long set with just fast and weighty bass can be exhausting for even the most passionate member of the Vomit Squad. We enjoy head-banging and bass-booty bouncing just as much as any other dubstep-loving music listener, but after a while your neck starts to take a beating and rave to the grave starts to take on a whole new meaning.

We definitely love our boy, but the set did have room for improvement, especially if it involved slower build ups and deeper drops.

However, despite the general pace of the event, the highlight of The World of Slime show is without a doubt the incredibly mesmerizing visuals. With two screens, one behind and the other in front, Snails holographic projections truly make you dive right into his world. Overall the show is a must see just for the experience of getting to see those insane projections that take you along on his journey. The stage set up and production is one-of-a-kind, and Snails skill as a DJ and an entertainer are incredibly obvious.

What did you think of The World of Slime tour? What sets did you rage to the most and how was your show experience?! Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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