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SMOG Records Drops Battle Royale Vol. 1

What an exciting time to be a basshead. In the past year, there has been an upsurge of underground dubstep making its way into mainstream festival sets. We’re seeing established producers like 12th Planet and Getter embracing a deep and wonky, UK-inspired dubstep sound known as Riddim. Case in point: SMOG Records’ label boss 12th Planet’s massive set at EDC Las Vegas 2014. While this particular flavor of dubstep is nothing new, we’re excited to follow its rise in the American dance music scene.

SMOG is one of the forefront leaders in the Riddim movement and they have officially released Battle Royale Vol. 1 out on Beatport.  Battle Royale is a literal “battle” in the sense that each track on the EP is a collaboration between two producers. One standout song on the EP is Yasuo by Bommer & Crowell, which has been incorporated in seemingly every dubstep set in the recent months. Another favorite is 2000Emu by Haunta & Invictus, a huge track from two very young yet promising producers (15 and 16 years old, respectively).

While some may like to proclaim that “dubstep is dead,” SMOG begs to differ.


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