Slynk Releases His New Track “With The Funk” ft. The Bermudas

There’s no denying the fact we here at DMNW love all types of electronic music. From dubstep to trance, or techno to house, we pretty much have a taste for it all. Of the seemingly endless amounts of genres and subgenres that make up the dance music culture, one in particular has always been a favorite of ours. While some make you sad, some make you cry and others just make rage, this one was made for such person…to get down! Somewhat of a revival of the 70’s disco era, the funk genre has been kept alive by artists with their fresh perspective on a classic sound. One artist who may sound familiar to those who’ve attended Shambhala or many other British Columbia festivals has been putting the “fun” in funk for almost 10 years.

The newly adopted Canadian resident, originally hailing from Australia, Slynk, has been a DMNW favorite for years. If you’ve ever had a chance to catch Evan during the “Fractal Funk Jam”, you’ll understand why. His original take on tracks new and old through blending of classic hits and new originals make his sets built for the purpose of shaking our groove thing. Evan has been fast at work pumping out a new track in what seems like every two weeks. His latest release is our favorite of 2017 so far! Slynk’s With the Funk is an “old-school hip-hop banger, dripping with that deep Ghetto Funk bottom end.” Regardless of your taste, it’s pretty hard to not hear this one and want to move.

Since his Fractal Forest set release from 2016, we’ve had Slynk on repeat as a reminder of warmer weather and good times from this past summer. With spring now here, we know we’re slowly approaching festival season here in the PNW and can’t be more excited. While no official festivals have announced Slynk will be playing, we have our hopes set high that he’ll be returning to Fractal for another great year. In the meantime, enjoy his latest track, then give a listen to the remix featuring another great artist, WBBL. Once you’ve done that a few times through on the Shambhala 2016 mix, put on your favorite onesie and hit the disco ball!