In Slushii’s New Album, He ‘Dreams’ Of An End to Bullying

Slushii just announced details about his second full-length album available for download and stream within the next month. In response to a recent Deadmau5 video rant, Slushii has declared to make his music more honest than ever before.

In attempts to keep the fall season warm, Slushii announced on Thursday, November 8 that his second studio album will be named DREAM. According to Slushii, DREAM will go in a different direction than previous work such as debut album Out Of Light Declaring, “what you’re getting is the darkest, most nostalgic music I’ve ever released.”

Slushii’s goal behind his music is to illustrate happiness. He created his music to help himself overcome bullying throughout his adolescent life. We expect that DREAM will still be very happy, but it will paint more emotions than previously illustrated.

In DREAM, Slushii wants to “let [his] emotions and true self-show.” Expect an honest experience.

Slushii hopes that DREAM will be a way for people to escape from daily struggles and to be happy. He has injected powerful emotion into this album. When Slushii was asked on Twitter how “soon” his next album would be out, he replied that it should be ready for distribution within the next month. Keep an eye out for a late November/early December release date.

You can find Slushii around the country in Orange County, New York City and then later in Boston and Houston for New Year’s Eve.

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