Slushii Teams Up with VIZ for ‘My Hero Academia’ Manga Video

My Hero Academia, a popular shounen manga that’s run since 2014, recently released its 16th volume. To celebrate, VIZ Media teamed up with Slushii to release a special motion manga promo. One of the volume’s most tense scenes is accompanied by epic battle music composed by the producer, highlighting much-beloved side character Eijiro Kirishima – hero name, Red Riot. (SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t read volume 16 of the manga yet, we recommend holding off on the motion manga video and scrolling down to watch the interview!)

In this video, Kirishima reflects on his earlier failures as someone who’s striving to become a professional hero. We see a flashback to his middle school days in the midst of a heated battle with the League of Villains. Finally, Kirishima comes to his senses and gears up to save pro hero Fat Gum from eminent danger, proving his worth as a hero to himself.

VIZ released a second video, interviewing Slushii about his interests in anime and manga. In the interview, Slushii talks about not only his love for anime and manga, developed through Cartoon Network’s Toonami block, but also talks about his own early career experience. He compares his inspiration from and relationship with Skrillex to the relationship between My Hero‘s main character Izuku Midoriya and top pro hero All Might. In between interview clips, we see some impressive My Hero Academia cosplayers posing with Slushii at Anime NYC, a major anime convention.

Between this motion manga promo and Skrillex’s collaboration on the new Kingdom Hearts theme, the EDM scene has really been embracing their nerd-dom, and we’re living for it.

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