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Slumber: More than a Blip on the First Radar at Kremwerk

The best part about walking into Kremwerk is the immediate transportation of consciousness. You feel as though you’ve left Seattle once you make it down the stairs and approach the large steel door separating you from the club. This new night, RADAR, is a side of Kremwerk that we have yet to see since beginning our coverage of the Research series.

Last Friday night featured some of Seattle’s up-and-coming talent with Eugene Fauntleroy (Weird Room) and Justin Collins (VIVA Recordings) starting things off. By the end of their set, Eugene and Justin were playing DJ ping-pong, trading three songs each to keep the beats fresh. The ability to quickly respond and adapt your set to another DJ creates a very unique vibe, taking the dance floor on short trips rather than a long journey through sound.

Slumber followed suit just after midnight. The DJ duo traded threes, injecting their own twist on a common thread of deep techno. Sounds of sleepy ambiance floated above almost familiar characteristic grooves of minimal techno. Hijacking consciousness and getting the club lost in music was all too easy for Oona Dahl and Amber Cox of Slumber. Through a masterful and captivating mix, the club couldn’t stop. The only thing that would have made the night better were bigger speakers for a low end punch that was begging to be released.

Kremwerk is no longer the new and unknown spot. With a culture of consent, intimate dance floor, and plenty of places to hang out, this is the venue keeping the soul of clubbing alive cultivating the artistry of the club experience from fashion, to music, to dancing; Seattle loves this stuff and is asking for more!

Stay tuned, next Saturday, May 21 is the next iteration of Research: Adventurous Dance Music featuring French producer Bambounou (50 Weapons), Fugal, and Biome.