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Skrillex Shares Message Of Positivity For 2015

Everyone’s favorite dance music superstar Skrillex had an extremely productive 2014 to the say the least. Perhaps still high from the success of his first studio album Recess, his 27-city Mothership tour, and the debut of his powerhouse partnership with Diplo as Jack Ü, Skrillex gave fans a heavy dosage of motivation to wrap up the year. This past week, the OWSLA founder delivered an awe-inspiring speech to the audience at Solaris Music Festival in Toronto, Canada. The video is a must-see for anyone in need of a little positive energy going into 2015. In our own community, we’ve experienced our share of controversy and tragedies this year. It’s refreshing to see an artist take a moment out of their set to share a few words on being positive and good to one another.

So in 2015, let’s carry over this positivity. Let’s spread it and make it bigger and better, and more soulful, and more real than it ever has been before…This music is for everybody – it’s for the outcasts, it’s for the cool people, it’s for the fat kids, it’s for the skinny kids, it’s for the gay kids, the straight kids.

A few days after his performance at Solaris, Skrillex celebrated New Year’s Eve at Madison Square Garden with Diplo. If you weren’t able to catch a flight out to New York City, you can still check out the live sets and pretend like you were there raging.

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