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Skrillex Collabs With Trollphace For Deadly Remix of Yogi’s “Burial”

From Diplo to Wolfgang Gartner to ASAP Rocky, every Skrillex collaboration is guaranteed to be gold. His recent partnership with emerging dubstep artist Trollphace for the remix of Burial by Yogi is no exception. The recently released track is already sitting pretty at No.9 on Beatport’s dubstep chart and undoubtedly will climb to the top. The individual styles of these two bass heavyweights merge perfectly to create a wonky and infectious rework, with lyrics by Pusha T interlaced within the track.

It wasn’t too long ago that the OWSLA head honcho gave Trollphace a shout-out on his Reddit AMA, recommending the “super unknown but SO raw” LA-based producer to his large fan base. Since then, the exposure has given Trollphace a big push in the dance music spotlight. His remix of Rebel by David Heartbreak ft. Leftside seemed to be featured in nearly every dubstep set and mix this past festival season. We’re excited to see a steady increase of underground dubstep artists get the recognition they deserve, with established figures like Skrillex and 12th Planet showing major support for the underground scene.

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