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Did Skrillex Produce Bieber’s Newest Track? Nobody Knows For Sure, But We Do

Wait you actually clicked that? You guys. Come on. Well, looks like we’ll have to spend the next 300 words feeding you meaningless hearsay citing undependable sources, while we steadily climb Google rankings for the search term “Justin Bieber Skrillex Controversy.” More to the point though, that title could have been paraphrased from any number of news sources from across the internet. It’s specifically designed to make you click while giving you least amount of information, and it’s everything that’s wrong with our modern news cycle.

The story itself is a perfect storm of clickbait: Skrillex (the most talked about DJ in the world this side of deadmau5), Justin Bieber (the most universally derided celebrity also this side of deadmau5), a faux controversy based around misinformation, and an underwhelming conclusion made to seem spectacular by a sensational headline. The basis of the story itself is fairly mundane when you break it down into its core elements:

  • Justin Bieber released a new song
  • Some people think that song was produced by a talented artist
  • The aforementioned talented artist didn’t actually produce that song
  • The end.
  • No really, that’s it.

This is a dumb story, and we feel dumber for having gathered enough information to know the exact details. We did so though only so you don’t have to, and to prove a point: We all need to be more discerning in terms of what we allow to clutter our newsfeed. Our dream world is one where people see the title we used and keep on scrolling.