Kingdom Hearts

Skrillex and Utada Hikaru Team Up For Kingdom Hearts

Skrillex recently teamed up with Utada Hikaru for an epic new theme for Kingdom Hearts 3, released on January 29th. Face My Fears already embodied the essence of the earlier Kingdom Hearts games with Hikaru’s iconic voice at the lead, but the official music video adds a whole new level of nostalgia.

Set to the Japanese language version of the track, the video features cutscenes and gameplay from the various worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3. Sora, the game’s protagonist, is seen fighting heartless in Disney-inspired worlds like Big Hero 6, Monsters Inc., and Frozen. Alongside Donald and Goofy, he meets iconic Disney characters throughout these worlds. The video introduces some of the protagonists of the new worlds, but nostalgically features returning heroes such as Jack Sparrow and Hercules.

In addition to Disney stars, the video revisits fans’ favorite game characters. Shots of Sora’s adventures are interspersed with frames of his friends Riku and Kairi. In a particularly powerful scene, Kairi is sitting on the beaches of Destiny Island with Organization XIII member Axel. Of course, villains Xehanort and Ansem make a guest appearance as well.

Skrillex and Utada Hikaru really hit it out of the park with this track. As a long-time fan of the game, Skrillex knew exactly what sounds would fit with the fantastic and the nostalgic world of Kingdom Hearts. Watch the video below to take a trip down memory lane with them!

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