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Skrillex Credited as Collaborator on ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Theme Song

Kingdom Hearts fans, rejoice! A song recently licensed through ASCAP indicates that megastar Skrillex may have collaborated on the theme for the much-anticipated third installment of the video game series. Disney has yet to release an official statement, but we’re convinced this is the real deal.

The song, titled Face My Fears, lists Skrillex as a writer alongside fan-favorite artist Utada Hikaru and Poo Bear. An alternate title, listed at the bottom, clearly identifies the song as the opening theme for Kingdom Hearts 3; with Disney claiming publishing rights, it’s doubly safe to assume the rumors are correct. Plus, we know Sonny Moore is a long-time fan. He’s tweeted about his love for Kingdom Hearts in the past, and a caption-less Instagram post from 2016 features only a screenshot from the series’ first installment.

Of course, this collaboration raises a few questions. Sonny Moore is clearly listed as a collaborator, but there’s no confirmation that he’ll stick to his trademark dubstep style on this track. His recent return to former band From First to Last makes us think that it’s possible that he could move in a different direction entirely.

We’re also left wondering how different the track will sound from the previous themes by Utada Hikaru. Any fan of the franchise probably still bops to the first game’s theme, Simple and Clean, and would probably be disappointed if the new theme didn’t prominently feature Hikaru’s signature style.

One thing’s for sure – we’re excited to hear the new theme, and are even more excited for the game’s release on January 25th, 2019.

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