Michael Nusbaum

Skrillex Reunites Again With From First To Last, Releases ‘Surrender’

Most of us can remember a distinct phase in our adolescence: dark hair, maybe with some funky colors or stripes in it, skinny jeans, makeup, and piercings. However, the most memorable part of this stage in one’s life isn’t the style or sad disposition, but the iconic taste in music.

Screamo, hardcore, and post-hardcore were all auditory staples for the young emo kid. Those kids can rejoice over a new track titled Surrender by Skrillex’s old band From First To Last, available free to download!

Known previously by his name Sonny Moore, Skrillex sang for the band from 2004 until pursuing a solo career in 2007. It wouldn’t be until 2010 that he released his first EP, My Name Is Skrillex. This collection of dubstep tunes would be some people’s first exposure to the genre.

This recent single is his second reuniting with the band. Their previous single Make War released in January 2017 to the delight of Skrillex’s fans. Both tracks are dripping with angst and sounds reminiscent of his previous projects.

The bona fide dubstep DJ is full of talent and surprises. During his recent FORM Arcosanti set, he revealed a possible collab with Missy Elliott nicknamed “ID”. The track teased the crowd, even referencing her track Work It, but has yet to see a release date confirmed.

It seems like Skrillex is still connected to his roots! It may be safe to say he’s also got new projects in the works. What we can expect from him and when we’ll see it remains a mystery, but we can only be sure it’ll be worth the wait.

What do you think of Skrillex’s new collabs? Would you rather see him do more singing or EDM production? Let us know in the comments!