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Skratch Bastid: Genre-Busting Down the Door One Show at a Time

Skratch Bastid, world renowned turntablist, record producer, motivational speaker, and all around nice guy is at it again.

You may recognize the name from catching one or more of his live shows throughout the year, of which he plays over 150 annually, with stops along the festival circuit including multiple appearances at Shambhala and other events in the PNW. Maybe you noticed his face on the cover photo of one of DMNW’s recent articles about the vinyl industry. Or perhaps you’re more familiar with some of his recent work, like his tribute to the late David Bowie.

The video seen below was posted the day after the legendary artist passed away, and within hours had gone viral and spread to capture the hearts of Bowie & Bastid fans in all corners of the world.

This time around Skratch Bastid, better known as Paul Murphy to his family, teamed up with Vice to give the world a sneak peak at his latest endeavor. One that combines Murphy’s amazing abilities on the one’s and two’s with the more traditional values of classical music.

His recent work with the Afiara String Quartet is currently being reconstructed in conjunction with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to create a unique show that premiered this Saturday at the New Creations Festival in Toronto. And aside from the periodical airing of a Simpsons episode that features this clip of Cypress Hill and the L.S.O., this will mark the first time many Canadians witness such contrasting styles of music, a challenge Skratch Bastid accepts with a balance of “nervousness and excitement”.

For over 15 years, the red-headed wonder from Bedford, Nova Scotia has been mastering his craft on a variety of stages, and this adventure is no different. He’s a not-so-well-known secret of the Great White North. He’s an innovator, as witnessed by the attendees of his annual Bastid’s BBQ – where lovers of music and food gather to enjoy a plate full of different styles, flavors, and sounds. He’s a teacher, willing to share his knowledge in the form of YouTube tutorials or via one of his latest creations, Skratch School – a FREE fundamental crash course on how you can learn some tricks of the trade from the best in the biz.

From the biggest sound systems in the world, to concert halls, to an impressive collection of over 20,000 records that help form the backdrop for many of his home videos, Skratch Bastid is clearly a DJ that never wants to stop. No matter what, he’s challenging both himself and challenging his fans, all in the pursuit of spreading good music around the globe.

What other DJs or producers do you view as genre defying in the world of electronic music? Join the conversation by sharing your voice on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or commenting below!

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