What Does SiriusXM’s Takeover of Pandora Mean for Online Music?

$3.5 billion dollars. That is how much SiriusXM spent to buy out Pandora. Many are asking the question…why and who still uses Pandora?

With around 70 million users, Pandora has almost twice as many monthly users than SiriusXM. This has made Pandora a desirable product for the satellite radio company competing with streaming services. SiriusXM has held a 19 percent stake of Pandora since 2017, and now Pandora is all theirs. SiriusXM is still going to keep the brand and image of Pandora from what we have heard.

Photo: Pixabay


Pandora has lost many users since the birth of Spotify and other music streaming apps, and as a result has been trying to improve itself throughout the years. The company lost over $200 million in early-2018.

Pandora now lets you create playlists to offer similar specs as other apps. Will Pandora survive? We sure hope so. The “internet radio app” has been in our lives for a very long time, it will be sad to see it wash out of our existence.