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Sign Online UK Petition To Protect Music Venues From Noise Complaints

A UK live music fan has launched an online petition to support local venues from being closed due to noise complaints. Currently with over 21,000 signatures, the goal of Aidan James Stevens’ petition is to introduce mandatory noise complaint waivers for residents who rent or purchase property near a venue. It proposes that residents should revoke their rights to complain about noise, since venues are a community fixture that have existed before they arrived. Simply put: if you choose to live by a venue, you should accept the noise that comes with it. Stevens states in the petition:

It is extremely detrimental to the UK’s entertainment industry, particularly on a grassroots level, when all the music venues start disappearing. Music is a key British export and to endanger our strong national artist community is to endanger a key British industry.

The same statement can be applied to our Northwest scene. In our own backyard, there have been several great venues that either had to close up shop, or under the threat of being shut down.  We recently interviewed Phase 3 Events founder Marc Pospisil, who talked about how the dwindling number of venues is affecting underground promoters. It goes without saying that no venues means no events, which is one of the main reasons why Phase 3 is going out of business. We believe that local venues are an essential part of both the community and a thriving music scene. There should be laws in place to support their livelihood, similar to what Stevens’ petition proposes.

To support the petition, which ends March 30, 2015, sign up here.

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