A Cancelled Visa Meant Sied Van Riel Couldn’t Play Dreamstate SoCal

This past weekend, one of the largest Trance events took place for the third year in a row! Affectionately dubbed Trance Giving, Dreamstate SoCal 2017 was a BIG success!…Despite a few minor setbacks.

While Dreamers from all over the country prepared for the show on Friday afternoon, a heartbreaking alert popped up on social media. It announced that Sied Van Riel had run into issues gaining access into the United States. Unfortunately, this meant he would not be performing. As his last-minute replacement, Insomniac and Sied quickly chose the ever popular Arctic Moon.

With big shoes to fill, Arctic Moon quickly became one of the biggest surprises of the weekend! At the Timeless stage, frowns quickly turned upside down as trance fans rejoiced at the top-notch artist selection. Insomniac proved even further that they truly are the bar to reach when it comes to curve balls in the festival world.

In an emotional Facebook post, Sied explained to his fans what happened and expressed his deepest apologies. Below you can read the entire Facebook post!:

Shocking announcement – Sied Van Riel

So Just how well did Arctic Moon perform?

The crowd went crazy! The excitement filled the air as trance fam celebrated what was a pleasant surprise, and only one of many throughout the weekend! Shockingly, Sied was not alone in his predicament: there were two other artists that were unable to make it to Dreamstate this year.

Those artists were Emok and Symbolic. In order to account for these lineup changes Insomniac moved Psytrance artist Khromata to the Psy stage; The Sequence – in place of Emok. But why wasn’t she already on this stage already? Due to a promoter error early on in the planning stages of the event, Khromata had been placed at the Timeless stage,  instead of at the Psytrance stage, where she was originally told she would be performing.

Not only did this last minute change please her as an artist, but it was yet another happy surprise for those who were planning to attend her set! She was finally where she was meant to be all along.

Leiel filled in for Symbolic on The Sequence. Additionally, the gap where Khromata had originally been placed on the Timeless stage, was filled by Mr. Brooks.

A unique silver lining came with every roadblock experiened at Dreamstate, and with the organization and determination of Insomniac events, this festival still felt flawless through and through. Did you attend Dreamstate this year? Let us know about your experience!