Vanessa M. Crestejo

HOLY SHELL 2.0! Snails Shook Seattle to the Ground With Holographic Stage [DMNW Review]

On October 13, Snails finally graced us with the Seattle stop of his The Shell 2.0 Tour. Bassheads and headbangers from all over the PNW gathered at the WaMu Theatre for this highly anticipated event that promised groundbreaking stage production and spine-bending bass.

UBUR started off the night with his opening set, welcoming attendees with some heavy-bass. Svdden Death took the stage afterward, dropping banger after banger, including a new remix of Marshmello’s most recent collaboration track with Bastille named Happier.

To make the night even more unforgettable, Svdden Death also debuted his first ever Voyd set right after his set, hitting us with endless heavy and dark drops. He later posted this clip from his set on Twitter, announcing the birth of Voyd. He also tweeted in response to people questioning what Voyd is and the differences between Voyd and Svdden Death.

His response:

Returning to the PNW after his performance at Bass Canyon, LA-based DJ 12th Planet took the stage around 9:15 PM. He paid tribute to the creator of “The Simpsons” by featuring Bart Simpson along with many other colorful and trippy visuals. Kill The Noise was next and kept the party going by dropping bangers after bangers. His tracks were a perfect cocktail mix of jaw-dropping bass drops and melodic goodness.

Photo Credit: Vanessa M. Crestejo

Come 11:30 PM and the entire WaMu Theatre was blown away by what we heard and saw. Standing behind what looked like a transparent LED screen and in front of a second LED screen was the king of Vomitstep himself. That night he showed his support and love for the city by sporting a 12th man Seahawks jersey. The visuals almost looked holographic and 3D, breathing new life into his animations that seemingly told stories throughout the night. The rest of the night was filled with monstrous music and unrelentingly heavy drops. Snails drove every headbanger at the venue completely wild when he dropped his collaboration with Kill The Noise and Sullivan King, Shake The Ground.

Photo Credit: Vanessa M. Crestejo

Snails has definitely taken visuals and stage production to another level. We’re beyond excited for what’s to come next, and we highly encourage everyone to check him out on his tour!