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Shaun Frank Goes “Upsidedown” in Gravity-Defying Music Video

Shaun Frank is defying gravity, and going upside down in his new music video, Upsidedown. Though the track is about being lost without someone after a break up, Shaun Frank seems to be happy with how the video turned out.

The way they chose to portray the video was pretty literal, but it made the whole concept that much stronger. The lyrics, “Without you my feet can’t find the ground” are throughout the project lyrically and visually. Shaun Frank finds some kind of grounding from a young person.

The video was shot by Tyler Hynes and Shaun Frank in one-shot, one-take video, which is cool to see with so many different moving parts. Not only is the concept of the video worth checking out, it highlights Shaun Frank’s voice and piano skills.

Check out Shaun Frank’s video below.