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Shambhala Turns 21 With Festivities To Match!

Shambhala Music Festival undertook it’s 21st celebration, and it was one to remember for sure. Last year, Shambhala had fires in very close proximity, creating a very odd vibe and putting a damper on many of the festivities. The first thing we noticed when we got on site on Tuesday was that was not the case this year. Though we passed some larger fires a ways back on the west coast, the skies were blue and beautiful and the people were eccstatic!

The first few days were for set up and relaxation, and when the music started, we were READY.


We began the day with one of our favourite west coast duos, Bryx & Def3, showing us a set of pure filth with unfiltered and uncaged rhymes on top, this was the perfect opener to start our day with. We moved into Pigeon Hole after that, leading into everyone’s favourite Thursday experience. . .Skiitour!


The duo delivered another stomping set, despite the crushing heat, we all had ourselves a time dancing it out! Took a break to cool off until Vancouver legend and all around scene stealer Longwalkshortdock who reclaimed his Thursday night Amphitheatre spot and ran with it! The weekend is young, but we are not, and so bed called us after that!


Friday was the true beginning of the festival. The opening ceremonies for the various stages had us frantically dancing our faces off. Watching Freddy J open up Fractal Forest with his infectious blend of house and breaks was the best afternoon surprise we could have hoped for! The evening highlight HAD to be our west coast mascot Neon Steve playing the quintessential Fractal set on Friday. The sun starts going down, we hear the vocals from Fisher‘s monster tune I’m Losing It come through. . .and then all the lasers turned on in the Forest for the first time.

[Usually we’d post a photo here for reference, but considering the magic of Fractal Forest and their capture rules, we will leave it to the imagination]

That set the tone for the night, as our team enjoyed everyone from the bass heavy stylings of Dimond Saints at The Grove, bass queen Whipped Cream and a special set from Dirtybird founder Claude Von Stroke, under his alias Barclay Crenshaw at the Amphitheatre, plus omit-step pioneer Snails at The Village. We ended our night (morning?) with a Dirtybird explosion with Justin Martin, Claude Von Stroke, and Christian Martin at Pagoda. 2 more days, so we hit bed!

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