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Shambhala 2017 Sells Out in a Day: How to Ensure You Still Get a Ticket

Photo: John Palmer

In record breaking time, and quite literally over night, Shambhala Music Festival tickets have officially sold out for 2017. Tickets went on sale September 1st at noon, and by 6pm sales had already reached 80%. Despite hosting and web issues, fans still managed to purchase both early bird tiers in just an hour. Shambhala will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017, and to no one’s surprise the hype is very real. For those who were unable to score a ticket fear not, despite what the internet may lead you to think, there’s still plenty of hope!

Before you curl into a ball and abandon all dreams and hope of attending next years festival, let us provide a few helpful resources to better your odds of buying a ticket. The most important thing to remember is to NOT support scalpers, or anyone selling their tickets above face value. Getting swept up in the fear of not going is the easiest way to spend hundreds over a reasonable price. We highly suggest taking a minute to breathe and accept the fact Shambhala has sold out, and if you want to go you’ll just need to do a little extra work.

Photo: Joffrey Middleton-Hope

Photo: Joffrey Middleton-Hope

We’ll tell you from firsthand experience, there are a few tried and trusted methods for acquiring a ticket even when they’re sold out. The first and most obvious option for secondhand ticket sales is the Shambhala Ticket Exchange. The non-official Facebook page provides a safe place for potential buyers, with guidelines to ensure a smooth sale process for face value, legitimate tickets. On a post earlier today, Mykee MacNeil, one of our favorite Shambhala Facebook admins, had this to say about the process.

“The name of the game here is patience, the longer you wait the better your chances will be. We had people so desperate they were selling for below face value a week to a few days prior to show time.

People tend to start selling their tickets some time in the Spring, and it becomes frantic for a bit, but persistence and patience will pay off.”

Again, PATIENCE; we seriously can’t stress that enough. We highly discourage the support of scalpers and urge you to look for face value tickets. The next option for ticket sales is Stubhub, Craigslist and Kajiji, however this is where things get tricky. A quick look at Stubhub produced just 17 tickets priced at $600 USD, compared to the $300 USD face value. Tickets will be popping up from now until August with prices all over the place. One thing to note however is Stubhub does offer buyer protection to limit the potential of ticket fraud. Remaining vigilant and searching can and will provide a reasonably-priced ticket for those who stay patient.

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