The beauty of music festivals is getting to explore a variety of genres you may not have listened to before. Festivals provide an avenue to step out of your comfort zone and listen to artists outside your normal repertoire. With roughly two months until Shambhala Music Festival on August 7-10 at British Columbia’s Salmon River Ranch, it’s time to take a look at the lineup and get a feel for who you need to see this festival season. For the coming weeks, we’ll be giving you the dish on up-and-coming artists that are not to be missed.

Shambhala organizers are known for curating a bass-heavy lineup year after year, with 2015 being no exception. For our first Artist Spotlight, we gave you the hidden gem of East coast bass scene Space Jesus. Next on the list is Greg Jones a.k.a G Jones, an emerging artist from Santa Cruz, CA known for his unique and experimental sound. A lethal mixture of hip-hop, UK grime, trap, broken beat, and everything in between, G Jones is frankly uncategorizable. It was recently revealed that the mysterious duo of Nite School Klik is none other than a collaborative project between G Jones and the legendary DJ Shadow. For those not able to attend Shambhala this year, you’re in luck because G Jones is set to make a Northwest stop at Paradiso.

Learn more about G Jones by following him on Facebook and Twitter. If you haven’t already, don’t miss out on this year’s Shambhala Music Festival and purchase your tickets now!

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