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Get To Know Every Single Artist on Shambhala’s 2017 Lineup



Since the release of his first EP Vanish back in 2012, Frameworks has been building a loyal following for his atmospheric and haunting compositions. Matt Brewer, aka Frameworks, released his debut album Tides in 2015, to great critical acclaim. The bedrock of the album is instrumental with Frameworks’ trademark string-laden productions taking in cinematic jazz (Patience), folk (End) and more uptempo beats.

Ganja White Night

ganja white night

Ganja White Night is an electronic duo that have traveled many countries over the past decade. The band takes a new creative direction tinted with hip-hop and more generally hybrid electronic music after the release of their fourth album Addiction in 2014. Their album Addiction released in 2014, saw them take a step away from the dubstep sound that they were known for.

Their new album Hybrid Distillery leaves impressions of other genres in electronic music, while it doesn’t impose on said genres.The draftsman/graffiti artist/director Ebola – Delit2fuite brings a whole new visual world mixed with, just like Ganja White Night, artistic originality and singularity never achieved until now.



Geo was exposed to various genres growing up, but the two that you can hear rooted in his music are garage and house. In 2014, Geotheory released Futuristic Love, a song that would turn to be a highlight of his career thus far. That track attracted the attention of Soulection’s own Lakim, and was played at just about every Soulection show that summer, gaining the support and attention of huge acts like A-Trak, Pomo, Haywyre, Snakehips.

Not only that, but he’s featured or worked with Underground Charisma, Nest HQ, and THUMP. It’s obvious to see that Geotheory is not finished with his production career yet. His most recent EP release Tales Untold has a classic funk sound to it, and paired with his unpredictable engaging sounds, it is truly a masterpiece. 

Great Dane

great dane

Dane Morris is Great Dane. Great Dane has several releases on Alpha Pup Records & Veyron Arche and well as being the co-founder of the music collective TeamSupreme. In 2013, his debut LP Alpha Cat was released and in the following year another LP titled Beta Cat was released. Lost and Loved, his fourth official release, debuted at #7 on iTunes.

He has been featured in many publications (radio or otherwise), BBC Radio 1, Diplo & Friends, Red Bull Music Academy Radio, NPR, DJZ & Dubspot to name a few. Great Dane has also been able to tour the US and play alongside artists like Flying Lotus, Tokimonsta, Gramatik and The Gaslamp Killer, as well as with his fellow TeamSupreme artists Djemba Djemba & Mr. Carmack in their monthly TeamSupreme shows.



GREAZUS, composed of HxdB & Patrik Cure, is a great force taking over the Vancouver electronic scene. They combine almost 20 years of experience with producing, DJing, running record labels and promoting underground events in their hometown. In the PNW, their music has gained support from major players like Mat The Alien, The Librarian, Bleep Bloop, Max Ulis, and Stylust Beats.

Together the duo of GREAZUS combines their passion for music to bring forward an infectious sound that infuses elements of juke, footwork, grime and house into their toots of jungle, drum and bass and hip hop. With music forthcoming and released on Hospital Records and Critical Music as well as a full EP on Diffrent Music and more music on Vandal, GREAZUS is ready to blow up your dance floor.



griff spells his name with a lowercase “g”, as he is a steadfast anti­-capitalist. Being one of Australia’s leading suppliers of highly varied bass music, he honed his craft while working at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne. His legendary all original sets have brought rhythmic enlightenment to festival and club crowds in Australia and throughout the world.

Never satisfied to stick to one genre, tempo or time signature, griff is always looking for ways to apply his production methods to all sorts of different styles of music. His intention to create all manners of different styles of music means that he can always play original material to suit any setting. One of his proudest creations was done with his brother under the moniker Dersu Uzala. He has also assisted The Cat Empire, The Jon Butler Trio, Blue King Brown, and many more on their albums.



Since Martin Vogt returned to the U.S. from Austria, he worked on a project that combined the best of contemporary electric with jazz music under the moniker of Haywyre. He’s spent over 14 years studying piano and has spent countless hours in the studio working on his craft. You can characterize Haywyre by his exciting and progressive tracks that he blends with more traditional classical and jazz.

Following the release of his highly acclaimed Two Fold Pt.1 LP, his rendition of Smooth Criminal reached viral popularity and had people clamoring for more. With the strong impressions he’s made with Two Fold Pt.1 and Pt.2, 2017 looks to be an exciting year. In the past, he’s gone on tours to support big name artists like Gramatik, GRiZ, Mat Zo and Zedd. Haywyre is bound to impress the world with his instrumental and production know-how and it’s easy to see why he’s one of Monstercat’s most promising young talents.



Initially finding inspiration in dirty south hip-hop, Hayden Kramer (aka Herobust) found himself producing downtempo beats at the beginning of his career. In his earlier tracks you can hear the inspiration he gained from artists like Outkast, Squarepusher and The Prodigy. Over the years, he’s perfected his craft by remixing other people’s tracks as well as working on his own unique sound.

Herobust has also been requested by other artists like D.R.AM, DJ Snake and Knife Party for official remixes of their music. Recently, his release of Vertebreaker has a response from the dance music community that nobody expected. Not only did the lead single Dirt Heater Tea and title track Vertebreaker debut on top for the Soundcloud Dubstep and Trap charts, it went on to exceed two million streams on the Soundcloud and Spotify platforms.



Having been inspired by many different genres of music, Herzeloyde mixes up the sounds of heavy-hitting bass music with ambient and soulful hip-hop samples to make something the music industry has never heard before. Herzeloyde’s highly unique sound has garnered support from a wide variety of artists such as Noisa, Mr. Carmack, Snakehips and much more. With tracks signed to Trench Records, All Trap Music and Flow-Fi, airplay on triple J, Soulection Radio and BBC 1xtra to uploads on TheSoundYouNeed and Majestic Casual, Herzeloyde is set to continue his unrelenting rise into 2017 and beyond.



Hailing from Portugal, Holly has been in the scene for only three years and has been making great strides. He’s only been touring all over the globe and has released music on some of the industry’s biggest labels. Holly has also been gaining support from names like Baauer, Noisia, Bassnectar, UZ, DJ Craze, DJ Shadow, and many others. Not only that, but music platforms like DJ MAG and Run The Trap have lauded him as being one of the best artists to look up to in 2017. With a musical background that comes from hip-hop, dubstep, drum and bass and trap, Holly is a name to have in count for the future.



Mike Paine, known under his moniker Hoola, has had a lot of influence on the electronica scene as founder of the Living Room Stage at Shambhala and The Pride Productions. In year three of Shambhala’s inception as the festival grew in size they had trouble keeping up, and so Paine stepped in to assist with the scheduling for that year. The following year, Paine and his wife Sarah Spicer (known under her moniker of Lion S) took over booking and scheduling all stages at Shambhala. The pair of them eventually formed The Pride and started running their own stage called The Living Room.

All across the country people know that a dance floor full of smiles, funk, and surprises are guaranteed. He’s always managing to bring smiles to people’s faces, either with his seemingly endless knowledge of music or his daily life antics. Of all the artists on this list, it’s certain that Hoola is very proud of how far Shambhala has come.

Idjut Boys

Idjut Boys

The Idjut Boy’s reputation was forged in U-Star, a club on King’s Cross. Not long after they started playing, their fusion of dub, house, and techno soon caught on and landed them gigs DJing globally. After releasing many remixes for notable artists like Lighthouse Family, Scissor Sisters, Sound 5 and Len, they chose to release Cellar Door. Being known normally for non-stop dance beats, the album is very smooth and as one reviewer put it: ‘…it is an undeniably classy affair that’s all the more impressive for maintaining a commitment to unabashedly lush prettiness while somewhat miraculously avoiding any hint of schmaltz”.

Anyone knows that if you’re seeing the Idjut Boys live, you need to expect the unexpected. They are as likely to sneak some Nazareth, or on the other end of the spectrum, Frankie Knuckles into their sets. If you like to know what to expect, the Idjut Boys may not be for you, but if you like unpredictability you’re in for a wild ride.