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DMNW’s Stage-by-Stage Guide to Every Artist at Shambhala 2018

Shambhala Music Festival will always hold a special place in our heart for it’s one-of-a-kind atmosphere that manages to stay, no matter how big the festival grows. While we don’t have much longer to wait for Shambhala 2018. However, at the same time the schedule is rife with conflicts.

Which isn’t a surprise because the organizers manage to curate the best lineups year after year, for each stage. With that in mind, we at DMNW provided a ‘preview’ of sorts, sorted according to the schedule in the Shambhala Music Festival app. In addition, the wonderful Salmo River Ranch team have curated Shambhala 2018 playlists for each stage. We’ve included these playlists at the end of each stage for your listening pleasure.

Speaking of the app, whether it’s your first time at Shambhala or your 10th, download the app. When you ‘favorite’ an artist, the app automatically schedules an alert to go off 15 minutes before the set starts. How awesome is that!? In addition, the app contains biographies for most of the artists in the schedule. In fact, most of the information provided in this guide was sourced from the app.

If it’s your first Shambhala, you’re in even more luck! We’ve continued our yearly tradition of providing an in-depth guide about the festival. This guide covers pretty much everything from the drive across the border to staying safe at the festival. Fasten your seat-belts everyone, Shambhala 2018 is going to be off the hook.

First up: The AMPitheatre Stage

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