Joffrey Middleton-Hope

Take Me Home: All of the Shambhala 2016 Live-Sets We Can Find

Shambhala Music Festival is one of our favorite festivals of the year. Dozens of the best acts in dance music gather with thousands of the best people on earth to enjoy a few days of great music. The 19th annual iteration of Shambhala took place this year, with artists like Boys Noize, Caspa & Rusko, Excision, Questlove, Snails, Andy C, Marshmello, REZZ, Getter, and more providing the soundtrack to our life-long memories made at the Farm.

With six stages, and four days worth, of music, we couldn’t possibly enjoy each and every set. Even trying our best to stage-hop as much as we could, there were some sets we missed out on. Luckily, there are no bad choices at Shambhala, and more often than not, where you need to be is exactly where you’re at.

Thankfully, Shambhala is a festival which usually features more live-set releases than most, giving us the chance to re-live some of our favorite memories, or catch sets we otherwise would’ve missed forever. There are some artists we can expect sets from, but nothing is ever 100%, so we’ll gladly take every set we can find.

Note: We’ll be scouring the interwebs for live-sets from Shambhala 2016, and updating this article regularly, so be sure to check back!


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