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Shades Rolls Heads With EP “Night the Dreadless Angel” [Reviewed]

In the world of bass, Shades is a duo that emulates evil from their very core. Made up of producers Eprom and Alix Perez, their soul shaking low end is unlike anything else in the bass production world currently. Their shows this past month in Seattle and Vancouver showed us in person just what these men are really capable of and had us counting down the days until we could listen to the songs from their newest EP Night the Dreadless Angel. After anticipation of the release of the four track EP last Friday, oh baby, it did not disappoint.

If you are familiar with Shades’ music, you probably know of their cult-classic hit Chiron. This deadly duo has been dropping an insane remix of the already bass heavy tune in the clubs and we are thankful to see it on the EP.

Chiron shares it’s name with the eldest and wisest centaur in Greek Mythology. The portrayal of Centaurs in many myths are often as wild, destructive creatures, and this tune is completely deserving of the namesake. While the original tune’s simple melody and samples during the break compliment the heavy use of sub-bass, the remix pulls the tune further into the half-time sub genre.

Ivy Lab joined Shades on their latest tour and this foursome has no shortage of collaborations. Only these artists can have us glad to be feeling sleazy, and their newest collab is fittingly titled Sleaze. The longest song on the EP is already an experimental bass hit and has been slamming crowds on their back for the current duration of their ongoing international tour. The song definitely has that Eprom flair, with half-time beats and a steady grumbling bass line, while the low-fi build up and spooky samples are iconic sounds of Ivy Lab. This track reaffirms what we already know—these four producers are the current kings of sub-bass.

If you have seen Shades perform anytime in the past year, you have probably heard these 2 thumpers played live, along with the other two tracks on the EP, K.S.P. and Creepin’. Each song on Night the Dreadless Angel would be a stand-out track on any other release. We personally can’t pick our favorite, but we would expect nothing less from Eprom and Alix Perez. Legends in their own right, when these two come together magic happens, or we should say black magic. You can listen to the full EP on Soundcloud.

Did you get to see Shades on their latest tour? What’s your favorite song on Night the Dreadless Angel? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!