Seven Lions’ Favorite Activities In Seattle

When Jeff Montalvo, known professionally as Seven Lions, isn’t performing, he’s enjoying his life in Seattle Washington! Originally from Santa Barbara, Montalvo wanted a life that was closer to nature and no place is better than Seattle! In a recent interview with Forbes, Montalvo shares his favorite outdoor activities and craft beers in the Seattle area.

If you’re into snowboarding or skiing, Stevens Pass is one of the perfect places to test out your skills!

Stevens Pass is like a pretty small mountain, so it’s not too popular and they just have a lot of really good runs. Going to Stevens Pass in the summer is really cool, too, because they have downhill biking, which is really gnarly but really really fun.

Stevens Pass is located at the border of King County and Chelan County and has fairly-priced tickets and passes to keep you entertained through the winter and summer! While you’re there, be sure to check out one of Montalvo’s favorite stouts, Triplehorn Wolf’s Cross.

If you’re into bonfires and going to the beach, Friday Harbor, located in San Juan Island is a great place to explore. While there, Montalvo suggests trying the Fremont Summer Ale because is a good and easy drinking beer for the summer.

Last but not least is experiencing Madison Beach with Tripplehorn Enabler Session.

Going to Madison Beach in the summertime is awesome. We’re from California, so that’s the only beach that has like that beach vibe that’s sort of similar to California.

Montalvo pairs this beach day with Triplehorn’s Enabler Session, stating that “it’s like a session IPA, so good for day drinking”.

Are you in love with Seven Lions and live around the PNW? Be sure to check out USC’s 2019 Resolution where Seven Lions is headlining!

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