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Heat Up Your House Party with Serato PYRO Music Player

Serato Announces Auto-Pilot DJ App

Serato PYRO is the next generation of playlist interaction. Two years in the making, PYRO is the coalescence of nearly two decades of technology from the renowned New Zealand-based operation. Released on February 11, this app is a free download for iOS, and Android version is expected to drop soon. Use your existing iTunes music library or connect your Spotify account for access to more than 20 million songs guaranteed to keep your next party moving without skipping a beat.

We sometimes take for granted the perfectly crafted playlist. A DJ used to spend thousands of hours in record stores processing new music, thinking about how they might incorporate a track into their next set, and wondering whether they made enough the night before to buy more than one EP. But now PYRO does all of the hard work. It already knows the tempo, style, and feel of your music, but also something especially critical to the perfect transition: where to find the drop. Your beats could be matched and keyed into harmony, but a bad start will clear your dance floor faster than a Baby Ruth in a swimming pool.

With companies like Pioneer struggling to hold on to the optical media market, and Traktor already embracing the demise of the disc, Serato continues to adapt to technological advancement as well as change how we interact with music. Is PYRO for the professional? Absolutely. We will surely see some of the, ahem, fiscally conservative venues opt for the free app and happily fork over $10/month for Spotify instead of paying a seasoned entertainer. If you just lost your gig to a robot, you are not a glorified jukebox and you deserve better. See this is an opportunity to elevate the artistry of the DJ. PYRO is a great understudy and will give you time to mingle during cocktail hour, but only to be used as kindling. Use the free time to more deeply engage your audience.

While others such as Virtual DJ and Traktor have harnessed the processing powers of a microchip long ago to put a party on cruise control, Serato’s entry into this market is completely unique. Intuitive design and the ability to connect to the vast Spotify library make it easy for anyone to turn up the heat. The most experienced selectors in the business will tell you that knowing your music is critical to the perfect mix. Serato PYRO uses each song’s unique waveform and proprietary algorithms for seamless transitions between each track. Re-discover your music with the perfect playlist, change up the mood of your party, or let PYRO decide with just a tap and swipe.

Now available in the iTunes App Store!