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Second Coming Hits SoundCloud With Bold First Track: FERGuson

Second Coming is a team of two wildly talented musicians from Olympia who just posted their first track, FERGuson. We originally heard Jonathan Luther and James Rian O’Keeffe in July at a small music festival, Riffestock. If you have had the privilege of going to Riffestock, you’ll know it’s the last place to expect electronic dance music, or better yet, really good, live electronic dance music. James was singing his heart out, playing the keyboard and Jonathan was working simultaneously on his computer and midi player. The first song we heard was a Second Coming original, The King. Most of the live music Jonathan and James have performed is instantaneous, making it a challenge for them to record and post a track online.

Just about five months later, Second Coming has gotten to a point in their career where they are able to start recording original tracks. FERGuson, their first quality recording that has been posted to SoundCloud. It is about:

“[a] series of protests and civil disorder that began the day after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri.” –Wikipedia

FERGuson is a hot topic that Second Coming used their talent to tackle (along with some vocal assistance from Kelsey.) What do you think of their bold, original first track as growing artists?

If you’re interested in what originally caught our attention at Riffestock 2014, take a listen to an excerpt of Second Coming’s The King.