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The Underground Launches New Tech-Heavy Night With Max Graham

The Underground is quickly becoming the music lover’s dream, especially for the people who long for the old days when the music mattered and not the marketing system behind the headlining artist. It started with the Seattle Trance Alliance (STA) forging a home for all the trance fans around the city looking for a place to belong in the commercialized landscape that dominates the scene. Now, STA founder Marc Pospisil and In Motion founder Eric Webber are bringing a new night to The Underground, and they’re breaking ground with one of our own personal favorites.

The newly branded night, Elements, will be focusing primarily on progressive house music, tech house, and techno, a subset of genres that has unfortunately often been shuffled to the side in favor of more commercialized sounds. The aim of the night is to bring that classic sound back to the forefront of dance music. To kick things off, they have booked progressive house master, Max Graham, for an open-to-close set on March 3rd.

Elements is a new series of events focused on Progressive House, Tech House, & Techno. We are thrilled to launch with one of the biggest names in the genres, Max Graham on his Cycles 8 Tour

For anyone who hasn’t been to The Underground, you need to check the place out. It has the old-school warehouse feel with a tinge of Prohibition Era aesthetics. The dress code is always relaxed, so you can dance comfortably, and the drink prices are refreshingly affordable. What do you think about the Underground? Will you be headed to Elements for some good old fashioned progressive house on March 3rd? Let us know in the comments.