The Seattle Seahawks’ Techno Thursday Is A Thing and We Can’t Get Enough!

When it comes to unique professional football teams, our beloved Seattle Seahawks rank high on the list. They wear the brightest shade of green in existence, play in the loudest stadium, celebrate the number 12, and the list goes on! Like a lot of major businesses here in Seattle, the Seahawks are also innovators. This season, players have turned to electronic dance music to liven up practice. Thus, the Techno Thursday movement was born.

The idea started in training camp during the summer. Players and coaches wore short shorts on Thursdays and blasted EDM on the practice field- dancing around with every big drop. A fun spin to a hard days work. Where did this idea come from? Take a look below!

Techno Thursday fever has started to spread in recent weeks. In a victory over the New York Giants, a few weeks ago, some of the Seahawk players celebrated a touchdown by playing an air flute in the end zone- a tribute to Australian DJ/Producers New World Sound and Dutchman Thomas Newsome, their collaboration, Flute, serving as a Techno Thursday favorite. Last week, the team started selling Techno Thursday merchandise for fans. It was only a matter of time, right?

Despite a crushing home loss to the rival Los Angeles Rams last weekend, the Seahawks still have plenty to play as they try to stay in the running for the Postseason. With a Christmas tilt against the Dallas Cowboys next, you can be the birds will be turning up the Techno on Thursday ahead of this must-win game. Go Hawks!

What dance music song gets you fired up? Let us know in the comments section below!