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Seattle Spotlight: Super Square Teams Up With Impossible Records

A local favorite makes their Impossible Records debut

There’s nothing we love more here at DMNW than supporting our talented locals. The latest comes to us courtesy of KJ Sawka’s Impossible Records: Super Square. The Seattle-based progressive bass trio has long been a local fixture, opening for Marshmello at Bumbershoot just a couple months ago, and garnering a full head of steam on the international scene. Push is their newest release, marking their first go-around on Sawka’s Impossible Records label.

The track carries a considerable level of production ability that we’ve come to expect out of all of Impossible’s artists, bringing in melodic vocals, a dreamy breakdown, and an eminently danceable rhythm to boot. Describing themselves as “open format” artists, it’s immediately clear that genres aren’t a concern. Rather, it’s all about amazing music regardless of the categorization. Push is available now on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, and Beatport, so hop on now and support one of our favorite up-and-coming locals!