Seasons 2017 Releases Stellar First Wave Lineup Announcement

Oh Blueprint, how you keep us constantly wanting to return to Vancouver for your wonderful massives! While we’ve been counting down the last few days of 2016, and preparing for Contact 2016. Blueprint Events dropped their first wave announcement for their 5 day, city wide music festival, Seasons. Seasons will be returning to Vancouver for it’s 6th year from April 12th to the 16th which features events at multiple venues across the city. Tickets last year were $169CAD and included all 5 days with 60+ local and international acts and we can promise they were WELL worth it!

With the initial names on the list, Seasons 2017 is looking like a must. April is already going to be a busy one with Snowbombing the weekend before, so why not spend two weeks in BC?! Seasons offers a unique experience for fans with workshops, artist and label showcases plus its 2 main events at the PNE Collesium. The entire 5 days is focused on highlighting some of the best names in music, art and new media technology. What that means is it’s a great way to spend some time with friends.

With the obvious top 3 names grabbing your attention right away it’s hard not to be excited. A&B, Galantis and Excision undoubtedly are seasoned veterans of putting together a good set so you’re already in for a memorable event. One thing we’ve learned from Seasons however is it’s not just about the big names. The artist and label showcase debut some of the best local and small names you may have not heard of, but will likely become a quick fan of. Of those the local Monster Cat Showcase is always on our “must do’s” when Seasons comes around. With this just being the first wave of names we expect plenty more to be excited about as we get closer to Seasons 2017.

As always we suggest you trust in the after-parties for BP’s massive…they’ve come to be as memorable as the 2 main events themselves. This year we had a surprise DJ performance by Porter Robinson, a B2B set from Thomas Jack and SNBRN and even MIJA popped by. Our fingers are currently crossed for a special Excision show at The Commodore with The Paradox in tow (We can wish). Regardless, Seasons 2017 is likely to be bigger, and better than years before. With over 19 years of experience Blueprint events has been putting in some serious work and knows how to throw a good party.

Tickets for Seasons 2017 go on sale starting December 29th, and we highly suggest you pick up a 5 day wrist band. By the end of day 5 you’ll be thinking to yourself, “Dang…I can’t believe thats all a wristband cost me”. With 2017 just on the horizon we’re already excited for what in store. Blueprint is starting to flex their music muscle early so expect to see the DMNW crew in BC plenty this next year.

Are you planning to go to Seasons 2017? Let us know who you’re most excited about!