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Science Says: Dancing Makes You Healthier & Happier

People draw to EDM for many reasons; some simply love the music, while the culture and the dance puts others in a daze. People can form a quick bond in this community. Not only is the music intriguing, but people tend to freely express themselves in movement. Dance enlightens many peoples lives, but what makes it beneficial to our life?

1. Dancing is beneficial to your health and is a great way to keep fit. While dancing, you burn about 400 calories an hour. Better Health Channel says some benefits of dancing are:

– improvement of the condition of your heart and lungs
– increased muscular strength and endurance
– helps with weight management
– helps with coordination and flexibility
– improves balance and spatial awareness

2. Dancing makes you happier. Exercise releases endorphins that help with satisfaction and euphoria, while also increasing pain tolerance. If you happen to perform at the show you attend, this will release even more positive energy.

“In addition to the physical activity of dancing, when dancing is also a performance, adrenaline and endorphins work together to create a dramatic ‘dancer’s high’.” – Rachel Hanson Choreographer

3. Dancing can also be an escape. A person is focusing on the present moment while dancing, which allows a person to be lost in the music and express themselves in a personal way.

4. You can make friends. Dancing is a social activity that encourages bonding. A study by Bronwyn Tarr, a psychologist and dancer with the University of Oxford, discovered

“Participants said they felt closer to their dance partners than to others in their classes after dancing the same steps at the same time than they did when doing different moves, no matter the level of exertion. Those who exerted themselves more also felt closer to their group, regardless of whether they had danced in sync.”

Next time you are dancing to your favorite DJ, remember you are doing so much good for your mind and body.