Kevin Sawka Presents: EDM Improv at The Seamonster Lounge

Seattle’s Kevin “K.J.” Sawka is hosting a weekly, free EDM improv show throughout July at the Seamonster Lounge. Beginning at 10 p.m. each Monday this month, you can witness some of the creative skills of Sawka, and more, playing whatever comes to mind. The art of improv isn’t exactly new to the legendary drummer for Pendulum (and Destroid), solo producer, and all around mad-man. More than a decade ago, Sawka played jungle, drum & bass, and breakbeat, while touring across the US with his band Siamese, improvising each show.

It’s music being made on the spot, straight off the cuff. Whatever comes to mind. Sometimes, it’s the most mind-blowing full structured song. Sometimes, it’s a jumbled mess… It’s spontaneous, it’s exciting, and it’s something most people never witness. – KJ Sawka

The new night started off great on Monday July 4th, with a great crowd and fun atmosphere. You never know what you’re going to get, and that’s all part of the fun. Let us know if you’ll be checking out Audiophile Monday’s at the Seamonster Lounge this July, and how much you love KJ Sawka! Comment below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter!