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Save Big By Volunteering At What The Festival

What the Festival, EDM, Festival, Volunteer

Festival season can be quite expensive on the festival goers budget. But not to worry because there are ways you can save on getting to many festivals. What The Festival is offering you a chance to go to this amazing festival for super cheap. In exchange for working an average of 15 hours, they’ll be offering a ton of perks. The 15 hours is not set in stone however. The website says that “this is the average minimum — some work a little more, some work a little less.”

So what do you get in return for your work? You receive a full event pass, a campsite in a designated area of the festival, and a free t-shirt. You may be required to arrive at the festival on the Monday or Tuesday before the event to help with set up, meaning you might even get to go camp out for a week… if you’re into that sort of thing. Plus you have the opportunity to make some amazing friends in the process.

What the Festival, EDM, Volunteer, Festival

It’s hard to deny, this is one of the best festival volunteer experiences out there.

So how much does this actually cost you? You will be required to pay a deposit of $225.00. That deposit will be returned to you upon completion of all scheduled shifts. If you are not able to attend, What The Festival will refund you your deposit minus a $30.00 fee, and that fee will go up to $75.00 if you cancel the week of the event. So as long as you don’t miss your shifts, the ticket and camping is free. They do not provide you with meals, so you will have to be prepared on that front. They also note that vendors will not be open before or after the event, so pack enough food to be able to feed yourself in the interim.

So what if your favorite group is playing and you don’t want to miss them to a scheduled shift? Luckily, the organizers at What The Festival have that covered for you. When you apply, there will be a “favorite group/can’t-miss” section. It’s not guaranteed, but the festival organizers do make one promise: “We will do our best to schedule you around these events.” Not a bad deal at all!

What The Festival can be an amazing time and we have some amazing tips to survive the weekend. So if you’re looking for a way to party it up and help out with some great people, here we have a festival that’s trying to make it work for you and your budget. If you are interested in volunteering, follow this link here for all the details and sign up for their program! Have you ever volunteered for a festival before? What was your experience like? Tell us in the comments below.

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