Sam Klassik

An Instant Klassik: Sam Klassik Drops New Tune ‘Sounds Good’ For the Holidays

As far as new artists goes, Sam Klassik is one that’s been popping up all over the place. By no means a new face within the electronic music scene, you may have seen him shred live guitar for such acts as The Funk Hunters and Defunk. In addition, he’s made himself a face to be recognized in Costa Rica’s bass music paradise, Bamboo Bass Festival, as well as the legendary Envision Festival. Riding so much momentum, 2019 seems to be the year of Klassick- his latest release, Sounds Good, an indicator of the amazing to come!

The track, dedicated to the iconic Jay Tripper, is a musical masterpiece (if we do say so ourselves). Tripper was a staple of the east coast electronic scene, prior to his passing late last year. Klassik crafts Sounds Good in his honour, and let us tell you, you can hear the raw emotion coming right through the speakers.

Immediately starting us off with those unmissable guitar licks that has come to define the Sam Klassik sound, the tune churns into a blues-tinged funk roller. It’s impossible not to grin as it goes on- a short, but sweet, way of encapsulating so many feelings into such a neat package.

The future looks bright for Mr. Klassik. With a new EP dropping on January 8th, (which will, of course, be featured here) and a collab with a heavy-hitter on the west coast scene coming down the pipe, he’s gonna be one to watch in the coming months for sure.

Not to mention he’s back to Costa Rica this winter for another round of Bamboo Bass Festival and Envision, showcasing his guitar flair, and looping methods, to a whole other continent!

Check out the rest of his tunes, including his new EP Chaos Magick, here, and make sure to pop over to his website to check tour dates, and new tunes coming forth!

Well, we all think it Sounds Good. What do YOU think? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!