Banana Cam Photo, Shambhala Music Festival

Rumors Suggest Datsik Is Already Making New Music

Just last March, the EDM world was rocked by the numerous sexual assault allegations made against Datsik. The Canadian producer and DJ was less than gracious about the accusations, and the resulting fallout cost him his home label. Many artists have since come forward denouncing the situation. His friend Excision has even used his festival, Lost Lands, to raise money for a women’s shelter. Whether it’s a form of atonement or not remains unclear.

Just as the dust is seemingly settled, rumors have emerged of a possible comeback. Allegedly genuine screenshots showing conversations between fans and the man himself have surfaced. In them, it shows him telling fans that he’s now sober and has “been working on a ton of new music.” They mention he has “no plans yet” for a comeback, but fans are buzzing over the possibility of new music.

“I really am grateful to have people like u to help me keep my head up in the dark times. It’s been tough over the last 6 months, but thru it all I’ve gotten sober and been working on a ton of new music. Thanks for ur continued support, it really means the world to me!”

Sadly, the response he made to the allegations at the time was less than adequate. Not a word of it mentioned his regret or apologies, and it seemed to be an attempt to maintain innocence. For this reason the past controversy still looms well over his head. While the dialogue of #MeToo remains out in the open, it may be some time before Datsik and other embattled artists are welcome. At least, not before they’re held accountable.

What do you think about Datsik’s return?