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Rubicon 7 Saves The Day With Diverse Debut EP ‘Superhero’

Boise-based duo Rubicon 7 is putting the dance music industry on notice with their debut EP Superhero, out today on Beatport via Kaleidosphere Recordings. The three-track EP is more of what we’ve come to love about Rubicon 7: diversity. Each track brings something very different to the table and does so with quality. The range of styles and sounds that duo Brandon Scott and Elizabeth Thompson are willing to attack is as impressive as ever. They’re able to step into these new genres and make it sound as though it’s been their signature sound for years.

Rubicon 7 covers progressive house, drum & bass, and even some tech house in Superhero, all while giving each track a decidedly darker feel than past productions. The title-track, Superhero, fits the role well. It’s closer to the classic progressive/electro house sound we’re used to from Rubicon 7, with an added edge. The lyrics “You promised me a superhero, you said I could fly” rings ominously over a melody that compliments the vocals perfectly. Bring Me Down, a heavy drum & bass track, follows suit with Superhero, telling the listener “Don’t bring me, don’t bring me down”. Wanting, while not necessarily dark, reaches for the feels with its upbeat tech house pace and vocals. It grasps your mind as if it was your own consciousness speaking, repeating “I want to be the reason, I want to be why you’re wanting to stay”.

Adding to the list of talents on display in Superhero, both Elizabeth and Brandon are utilized as the vocalists for the EP. Elizabeth is the vocalist for Superhero and Bring Me Down, while Brandon’s vocals were used for Wanting. 


Superhero joins City 17’s Cast Away, Treyis’ The Sixth Floor, and others as great batches of original tunes coming from Northwest artists. They’re definitely one of the Northwest acts you should be following and we can’t wait for what the future holds for Rubicon 7. You can get more Rubicon 7 by tuning in to their weekly radio show “Under The Influence” via Digitally Imported Radio each Friday at 9 a.m. PT.

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