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Celebrate “808 Day” and Step to the Beat With Retro-Style Roland TR-808 Shoes

Roland celebrates 808 Day this year with retro drum machine styled shoes

808 day (August 8th  every year) celebrates Roland drum machine culture and synthesized music. The holiday is mostly used as a marketing vice for Roland, who usually has a special announcement each year. This 808 day Roland has teamed up with Puma to drop two different shoes to commemorate the revolutionary drum machine.

Two styles are available, the RS-0 and the RS-100 priced at $130 and $100 USD respectively; both styles are part of Puma’s 1980’s RS (Running System) reboot, a series that included the first ever computer chipped shoes. At the time, the RS computer shoes represented “a stage in the evolution of athletic footwear that many people thought would never happen — the meeting of computer and shoe.” The updated RS line relaunched for Spring ’18, at which time Roland teased us with the RS-0 press release. Sega and Polaroid also collaborated with Puma for the initial drop, leaving the Roland collabs for global release on 8/08/18.

Both Roland collab RS sneakers feature premium materials in classic drum-machine colors. The RS-0 is a dark knight with simple line work styling while the RS-100 is colored to perfectly match the iconic 808 drum machines step buttons. For everyone out of the know, the sneakers are both labeled “rhythm composer” and “bass drum” to identify them as sneaker based off beats.

Clothing lines and branding are becoming increasingly popular for EDM music and lifestyles, would you rock these shoes, or no?