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Rising Canadian Star Flavours Puts Out Brand New Tune on Westwood Recordings

Edmonton musician Jordan Andrew, aka Flavours, is one of the most interesting artists in the game right now. His YouTube scratch routines are putting him on the map, and his eclectic and unique production style are garnering him bookings everywhere from Shambhala Music Festival to an opening slot for local heroes The Funk Hunters on Canada Day in Victoria. Andrews even competed in the Red Bull 3Style turntablism competition, making it a very busy 2017 for this guy.

Available Jan 5

Now, he’s starting off his 2018 with what’s sure to be one of the certified releases of the year, Judder Pop. The track is releasing on Westwood Recordings, the brainchild of Nick Middleton of The Funk Hunters, based out of  Vancouver, BC. We’ve been giving them lots of love lately because their catalog is without a doubt one of the best in Canada, and this tune joins the ranks in a big way.

Tinged with reggae and an almost hypnotic funky rhythm too it, Judder Pop comes out of the gate at a nice pace. The meld of piano and horns gives it a really organic feel, and the signature Flavours keyboard riff sets the tone before launching into straight-dripping funk at the drop. The piano riff in the background is reminiscent of older jazz, fused with the choppy vocals and a walking bass line, bringing together nostalgia, funk, and uniqueness at the same time.

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Now, the tune doesn’t drop til January 5th, but in the meantime you can pop over to the Flavours’ Spotify and pre-save the tune, so you don’t have to wait to GET DOWN. As soon as the tune launches you’ll have it, and trust us, you’re gonna want it. (Make sure to click the link on “pre-save” to get in touch!) Check the video below for an exclusive preview of the tune!

Flavours is one of the rising stars of the Canadian EDM scene for a reason. With his attention to detail in production, electric live shows, and turntablism skills, this man is clearly going to great places, and we’re stoked to follow his rise. Check out his Soundcloud below for access to his arsenal of originals and remixes!

Did you catch Flavours at all this summer? What was your favourite performance? Let us know in the comments!