Rezz’s ‘Mixed Signals’ is Ready to Hypnotize Audiences

New music Friday coming in hot this week with a fresh Rezz Single. Flying through space off her second studio album A Certain Kind of Magic. On Friday, December 14, 2018, Rezz released Mixed Signals, her first single and her second release since her album drop last summer. You can listen to the song on Spotify, SoundCloud, and all other major music services.

The first 15 seconds we hear a futuristic radio transmitting a signal. Shortly after we connect to the radio and Mixed Signals properly begins with an electrifying first drop. In collaboration with an Australian producer named Blanke, the first drop is sure to send any crowd into a frenzy.

The production detail on this song is impeccable. For example, there are so many small but important details that bring the track to the next level.

Ultimately Rezz and Blanke go all out for the last minute of the Mixed Signals. They completely gave 100% for the second drop… It’s as if the radio message is being lost throughout time and space. All we hear is the muffled and disconnected radio connection and the familiar sounds of Rezz throughout the galaxy.

Mixed Signals has been completely road tested at her most recent shows.. Rezz posted footage of Mixed Signals where you can watch the audience completely hypnotized and dancing as one.

Make sure to catch Rezz on tour. Mixed Signals is important as we watch a young producer continue to grow and develop new sounds with new collaborators.

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