Get Spooked With Rezz’s Halloween Mix: A Nightmare on Rezz Street

For this year’s Halloween celebrations, Rezz released a 32 minute Halloween themed mix on October 21! Complete with a video, the mix is available for your listening pleasure.The tracklist is 100% unreleased and original songs. Prepare to play this mix the entire week leading up till Halloween!

She also created a video component to accompany the mix, with the goal to create a cinematic Halloween experience that will flow with the music. A Nightmare on Rezz Street is perfect for any party.

A Nightmare on Rezz Street would not be complete without our villain! Rezz snatched the Soul of Freddy Krueger, recreating the character from A Nightmare on Elm Street to make her own. She is Freddy Krueger!

You can gather a group of friends and watch the video in the background with the YouTube link. If you are driving or on the move, check out her Soundcloud.

Rezz has displayed a great deal of Halloween spirit this year. Her mix will help everyone prepare for the celebrations this weekend. If you are having trouble deciding what to play during your Halloween Party, this mix is a quick fix.

What are your other favorite Halloween mixes? What was your favorite unreleased track from A Nightmare on Rezz Street? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter!