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Rezz and Alison Wonderland Become Highest Billed Female DJs in Coachella History

Coachella’s recent lineup announcement was a landmark for EDM as Rezz and Alison Wonderland became the highest billed female DJs in the festival’s 19 year history. Both ladies have slots on the third line of the lineup’s undercard.

While the achievement deserves much kudos and congratulations to both Rezz and Alison Wonderland, it’s yet another surprisingly late accomplishment for women in male-dominated entertainment industries. Some argue there’s no reason to predicate these artists profession with “female,” but in some cases, it is. It’s important to highlight the disparity between male and female recognition in EDM, as it is in all sectors of the patriarchy.

It’s true that these ladies should never be defined by their sex, but they should be credited for the hard work and exceptional talent. For decades, female DJs have been slaying the turntables, and it’s good to see some real recognition come from their niches. People want good music, and women are more than capable of delivering just that.

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