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Reddit highlights Conscious Crew and others

Conscious Crew at Freaknight.
Credit: Tyler Hill Photo

It seems that more often than not we are hearing tragic stories in the media about EDM. But as members of this community, we know that there are many good things, and we also have to be smart. There is no denying the different substances that can be found at raves, and because of this, we have to be aware for our safety, as well as others.

A recent thread on Reddit highlighted people that do good in our community. Reddit may not be where the main media channels are finding their reports, but maybe they should take a look sometime. A Redditor recently shared a message they received from someone they helped who was having a bad experience at Bass Academy a couple years back. The message read:

“Hey I know this might seem super weird and you probably don’t remember me but in 2016 you and a group of friends literally made my night as Bass Academy… I just now found you on Facebook via your girlfriend and it brought this memory and I just wanted to reach out and thank you and tell you what kind soul you are!!”

This started a conversation about what others have experienced at festivals, on the dance floor, or even the sidewalk, highlighting groups of people like the Conscious Crew.

One Reddit user said, “For those who don’t know, the Conscious Crew are volunteers that roam the crowd at concerts and festivals looking for people who are too high, dehydrated or in danger. They are not security and you won’t get in trouble with them. They’re angels that bring a feeling of safety and good vibes to a crowd!”

People began to share their stories, showing how many people are around to lend a helping hand. This thread on Reddit is a good reminder of the good, and some tips about what not to do when you are in trouble.

Have you had an experience like this before? Either receiving the help or giving the help? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter. And thank you for lending a helping hand when someone needed it.

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