Ruely Renders

Big Slide Records Releases “RECESS VOL. 002,” Its Second Compilation

Big Slide Records is back at it, releasing the second installment of their uber-popular summer compilation mixtape, Recess Vol. 002. Big Slide Records is an indie electronic label featuring some of the best local artists as well as the most unique sound selections from indie, to pop, to hip-hop, all woven expertly with electronic undertones, creating an eclectic mix of music to choose from.

Much like the first compilation, this year’s edition of Recess capitalizes on the warm and colorful characteristics of summertime as well as plays up the nostalgic elements of dreamy summer memories. ‘Recess Vol. 002‘ serves as a critical turning point for Big Slide Records in terms of the musical stylings the label is known for: being the first release to expand beyond the label’s signature indie pop sound. Though several tracks characterized by the label’s distinct sound can still be found on Recess Vol. 002,  the compilation also features “hip-hop, alternative R&B, downtempo house, lo-fi, and a vibrant pop bounce track.”

Recess Vol. 002 features music from local artists such as Kody Ryan, Ruely, Justin Hartinger, Chong the Nomad, and Jamie Blake. With music contributions from Goosetaf, Alter, Distant Pupils, and vocalists Bethany and Ella Joy.

Recess Vol. 002 is available on major music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. Pick up your copy now and add it to your summer playlist to capitalize on the endless vibes of everyone’s favorite season. It’ll compliment any party or time at the beach, all while supporting a local label and the wonderful local artists that find home there.