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Bass Therapist Rebel Scum to Release First EP “Take Off” on Impossible Records

Rebel Scum has quickly risen through the ranks of the local scene, with his unique and eclectic take on bass music with a science-fiction twist. A self-professed lover of all things sci-fi (hence the name Rebel Scum), Chase Golka has a flair for the dramatic in the best way.

When it came to creating his first ever EP Take Off, Rebel Scum sought to create something that embodied his love of space and science while maintaining his love for bass music. The three-track EP starts out with a track called Orbiter, a track that Chase says “was one of those tunes that came together quickly because I was in the groove, as they say. Those are my favorite tracks because they feel more natural rather than chipping away at an idea for weeks on end.”

That natural creativity is what Rebel Scum hopes listeners will pick up on when listening to Take Off. Having written the EP in a span of a month, the tracks came out with relative ease. Simplicity and an authentic sense of self can be heard throughout the EP, a sound that inspired the folks at Bass Therapy, who in turn passed on the tracks to none other than local legend, KJ Sawka.

One day, Bass Therapy asked Chase if he had any music he’d like to share with them, the next thing Chase was invited out because “someone” wanted to meet him. As it turns out, they had sent Chase’s music to Sawka. KJ complimented Chase, and asked him to send more music in the coming weeks, and after KJ heard what Chase was working on, he told Chase that he’d love to sign an EP to his label Impossible Records.

The rest, as they say, is history. With his love for space themed things paired with an exceptional bassline, interwoven with intergalactic messages and sweeping synths it’s no wonder KJ Sawka was impressed by this young producer’s sound as much as his work ethic.

You can purchase the Take Off on all major music platforms August 14th. Grab yours soon or you’ll be sorry you missed out!