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Reminisce With Kaskade’s Full Redux Set, Live From San Francisco

Ryan Raddon, also known as Kaskade took us by surprise with his announcement of another Redux tour which sold out in all 12 cities. Originally celebrating the 10th year anniversary of Kaskade’s album It’s You, It’s Me, the Redux tour is a truly a rare and special experience. Turning back the sands of time to when house music sets were not heavily accessorized with dramatic visual displays, when the music was deeply heartfelt and served as a panacea for the impurity in our heads: This is what Redux is about.

To keep things exceptionally intimate, Kaskade took Redux to the nightclubs where he first began his career, allowing an assemblage of no more than a couple hundred fans at each show. Although Seattle was not listed for the Redux tour this year, a good group of us here were able to caravan to Vancouver, B.C. to see him up close and personal. As Raddon’s face was softly illuminated by Shine Nightclub‘s red lanterns, we embarked on a mellifluous lyrical journey that transcended time.

Featuring the last 11 years of his most beloved music from Everything, Angel On My Shoulder, It’s You, It’s Me, Atmosphere, to 4AM, Kaskade never fails to let the music speak. Reminisce the magic and watch the whole Redux set filmed from San Francisco below.