Eric Prydz

Prydz to Reveal New Holographic Stage at Tomorrowland

Succeeding his previous holographically-enhanced stage, Eric Prydz promises to reveal his most technologically advanced stage both weekends of Tomorrowland this July.

Continuing the concepts behind the earlier EPIC graphics, EPIC: HOLOSPHERE required the Swedish DJ-producer and his team to develop their own technology to make the production even more innovative. Though his earlier visuals will be difficult to surpass, Prydz will surely treat his fans to a fantastic spectacle.

The previous EPIC production featured stunning 3D holograms and a vibrant color palette. Combined with Prydz’ iconic music, including tracks like Pjanoo and Opus, his performances become a truly artistic audio-visual experience. Check out some of the EPIC production from his London performance below.

Prydz made the announcement last month in a Facebook post. EPIC: HOLOSPHERE apparently took two years to develop.

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